Options To Sell Land in AZ

If You’re Ready to Sell Your AZ Land,Take a look at your Options

Below, we offer a side by side comparison showing the differences between selling to The Land Exchange vs. listing your land with an agent.

Whether your land is in a buyer or seller’s market, you always have options when you’re ready to sell. Selling directly can help you reach your real estate goals, without the costs and hassles of an agency. An agent might promise you a higher (and often overinflated) price, which you have no guarantee of getting. And even if you do secure a higher sales price, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be taking more cash home. After you factor in the commissions, taxes, fees, and the time it will take to sell, you might find the more lucrative option is to sell directly. That’s where The Land Exchange comes in. We believe our process makes it simple to sell your land fast, for cash. Take a look below.

Check out the details below and run the numbers for yourself to see what option will help you sell your AZ land fast! 

 Listing w/ An AgencySOLD To The Land Exchange
Commissions / Fees:6%+ in commissions, plus agent fees, administrative costs and so onNONE
Who Pays Closing Costs?:2%+ is paid by the sellerNONE – We take care of all costs
Average Days Until Sold:+/- 151 days. But we have seen some parcels listed for years at a time.1 (or as long as you need to decide)
Closing Date:30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offerThe Date Of YOUR CHOICE
Time Invested:It could be months or even yearsOnly a few days

What Makes The Most Sense For YOUR Situation?

When you work with The Land Exchange, you’re under no obligation to accept any offer we give you. We like to keep things hassle-free. We will simply make you an offer on your Arizona land and you decide if you want to take it or leave it!

Benefits of Selling To The Land Exchange

  • A fast close. You can walk away with cash in your hand in 7 to 10 days!
  • Stop paying property taxes NOW instead of months down the road as you wait for your agent to find a buyer.
  • The Land Exchange will cover all costs. We take care of everything and there are never any hidden fees or reductions to what we offer you.
  • Put delinquent taxes behind you. Have you found yourself behind on property taxes? Why pay a small fortune on land you aren’t using. Wouldn’t you rather put cash in your pocket before the county takes the property?

Our mission is to make the process fast and easy. We want to pay you a FAIR price for your Arizona land you aren’t using. Before you commit to an agent, do your math and think about all the time and energy you will save by selling direct. When you work with The Land Exchange there are no commissions or fees.

Call us now to find out what we can do for you! The Land Exchange is happy to do business in the state of Arizona and we look forward to hearing from you!

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