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At the end of the day, what we want most is to make sure our customers are happy and that they are confident they made the right decision when selling their land! We want to provide a solution that will work for you!

Below you will find what other people are saying.

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The transaction went all according to plan!

Jim sent half of the payment before recording, and the other half upon recording, just like we had planned. I would definitely recommend Jim!

Jack Allweil Giving a Testimonial About Jim from TLE
- Jack Allweil

My family has had a few pieces of land in Arizona for over 50 years … some parcels sold long ago. One lot left was hard to let go of for sentimental reasons. After finally deciding to sell it to the person who purchased those other lots previously owned, the deal fell through. While rather distraught … another offer came out of the blue last December from the Land Exchange. A more than fair offer for sure. But we put off following up. Then a call from Dawn came this year. I can’t say how pleasant it has been to deal with Dawn and the Land Exchange. Once deciding again to move forward, all went smoothly and efficiently. We live more than 2500 miles from that lot, held it ourselves for almost 30 years. Memories last a lifetime, but time came to let it go.

- Deborah Cohen

Worked with Jim on the sale of my land, he was professional in all regards and everything went smoothly.

The transaction was painless and quick!

The efficiency was appreciated and I would definitely do business with them again should the need ever arise.

- John C.

I was very apprehensive about selling our land to a company I had never heard of. I worked with Dawn and once we agreed on a price things went quickly and easily. They did exactly what they said they would.

- Larry Reynoldson

I had a simple, hassle-free transaction with Jim. He offered to purchase my land and it was as easy as could be. I just confirmed my ownership of the parcel of land, confirmed my identity and two weeks later I received a Warranty Deed to sign, then I got a check! I highly recommend working with The Land Exchange. I’m glad I did!

- Joe O'Connor

This was the type of transaction I have never dealt with.  Everything went as promised and as smooth as silk.

- Jack S.

I worked with Dawn on the sale of a piece of land. At all times she was professional, pleasant and an all round great person to work with. Her instructions were precise and accurate. The transaction went very smoothly.

- Mary

Dawn and Jim were great to work with on my land sale. They were courteous, quick, and complete! They answered all my questions and handled the transaction as promised.

- Galen

Thank you so much for your compassion & dealing with my worries!

This was my second try at selling my land to another agency. The transaction went smooth with no worries; I was able to get my transaction completed with no problems. Stress Free! Thanks again..

- Gloria

“It was very easy. I appreciate it that you were very informative and helpful in the process and help guide me into making it easy to do it electronically!”

The Land Exchange - Testimonial from Allan

Allan sold me his gorgeous 5 acre parcel in Cochise County, Arizona! Allan confirmed that the paperwork process went smoothly and he was paid in a timely fashion!

- Allan
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