5 Tips For Selling Your Vacant Land In Phoenix

Selling your vacant land in Phoenix may be more profitable and lucrative than just holding onto it, waiting for it to appreciate. While land doesn’t cost much to own, it may not gain value as quickly as you would like it to. In our latest post, we offer tips on how to sell your Phoenix … Continued

5 Things To Know About Selling Your Vacant Land In Phoenix

Buying and selling vacant land is usually a specialized facet of the real estate market. If you own vacant land or are thinking about owning vacant land, here are five things to know about selling your vacant land in Phoenix. Market is Less Active The first thing you need to understand about selling your vacant … Continued

6 Hidden Expenses of Owning Vacant Land In Phoenix

Vacant land can be a truly rewarding investment. Vacant land can also have hidden expenses; they might show up right away, maybe in the long run. There are annual taxes and potentially property owner’s association fees to consider, not as many tax benefits, cash flow and property maintenance issues, and market conditions to consider. Call … Continued

Why Right Now Is The Time To Sell Your Land In Phoenix!

Do you want to sell your land in Phoenix? At The Land Exchange, we are here to help! Learn why right now may be the best time for you to sell your land and get all of the information you need to make your selling decision!   When you invest in land, it can be difficult … Continued

Selling Land Online to Jim – What’s It Like?

Jim from www.TheLandExchange.com is back with a quick unboxing of a package from a land seller. Through this video, you’ll find out what selling land online to Jim looks like! It’s not just business – he builds a good relationship with the seller! Joanne sold Katherine and Jim her land in Arizona and was kind … Continued

Selling Land Online – Is It Possible?

Do you have a vacant land just sitting there and you don’t know what to do with it? Here’s good news for you – you can sell it online!Yes, selling land online is possible! There are a few different options… One, you can post it on several buy and sell sites and groups but be … Continued

Sell My Land for Cash, Gold, Silver or Bitcoin

Jim talks about the importance of having your assets work for you by exchanging an asset class that isn’t working in exchange for another one. The Land Exchange buys land for gold, silver, cash or bitcoin.